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The Practitioner

Jan 10, 2020

Understanding the ins and outs of recoverable depreciation versus non-recoverable depreciation -as well as how property insurance deductibles are applied- is absolutely critical to the success of an insurance restoration contractor and/or a roofing contractor. Actual Cash Value (ACV) versus Replacement Cost Value. How does this come into play?

This podcast will cover multiple strategies and tactics to help you conquer these scenarios. Also, we get into the reasons WHY insurance adjusters are often so terrible in their Xactimate estimates.

High level Insurance Restoration Training and learning.

This is a segment from the #100TownsTour - Insurance Restoration Masterclass by Chad Michael, recorded live in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, on December 10th, 2019.

Strategy. Consistency. Diligence. Dedication. And most importantly of all, putting in the HARD WORK... that's REQUIRED... to WIN IN THIS GAME!

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