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The Practitioner

Sep 3, 2019

It is perplexing to me how many roofing contractors, general contractors, restoration contractors, public adjusters, insurance adjusters and property owners aren't FIRST focusing on protecting properties after a catastrophe. Roof tarps are insurance company APPROVED!

Drywall, insulation, carpet, wood, etc... these products cannot withstand rain. The property owner has the obligation to mitigate the damages; to stop the bleeding. If the roof is damaged and water is leaking into the property, the property must be tarped. The insurance company will approve the tarp to prevent further massive damage to the property.

Not only in major hurricanes, but also when the roof suffers damage from extensive hail.

This is a segment from the #100TownsTour - Insurance Restoration Masterclass by Chad Michael, recorded live in Chicago, Illinois on August 06, 2019.