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The Practitioner

Apr 12, 2019

In this episode we address questions from the community with our guest, Brian Macdonald. Questions include: "When should I send the Xactimate estimate to the insurance company?" "What do I do when the insurance adjuster says that the roof isn't covered because of 'blistering'?" and more!

Brian Macdonald is an independent expert damage consultant and his company provides services for Inspections, Estimates and Supplements. He is a recent graduate of the training program and is a certified IES #Practitioner. He shares some of his tactics and strategies with us.

Chad Michael (#ThePractitioner) answers questions and shares his insights and advice without holding back the so called "secrets" to Win In This Game.

You can find Brian on YouTube here: Inspections Estimates Supplements

Chad's YouTube channel is here: Insurance Restoration Training